Building Management Solutions

Plant Solutions Limited offers Building Management Systems (BMS) which gives facility managers and users the access to technologies that surpass our competitors. The capabilities of the BMS allows integration of the following systems – HVAC, Lighting, Fire Alarm, AMS, CCTV etc.
Listed below are some ways our Building Management Systems can help any business.
BMS allows for:

⦁ Energy efficiency by minimizing energy usage and waste
⦁ Increase value of your business and property
⦁ Provides sustainable solutions to your building infrastructure and the environment
⦁ Provides indoor environmental safety and comfort through your HVAC system
⦁ Decreased equipment operating cost and expenditures
⦁ Provide access control to elevators and every area of your building
⦁ Minimize the risk of employee theft, tampering or break-ins
⦁ Provide an intensive security operation to avert criminal activity and damage to your property

Working together with our partner Honeywell Building Solutions, has provided us with reliable equipment, technology, and technical support. This solidifies the services and solutions that proudly makes us A Trusted Partner.