Industrial Automation Solutions

Plant Solutions Limited provides clients with their full range of turnkey automation solutions, ranging from individual machine control and monitoring to large scale DCS and SCADA solutions with the Honeywell line of scalable control solutions.

ControlEdge PLC

The ControlEdge PLC, Honeywell’s flagship PLC is used for control throughout the oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing, utility & food and beverage sectors. It boasts the following features:

⦁ Supports over 2300 I/O channels
⦁ Single or redundant processor, power supply or communication models
⦁ Easy Experion Integration, for clients with an existing Experion base
⦁ Open Communication – Supports Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, OPC, Ethernet/IP, HART & CDA protocols
⦁ Universal I/O Cards – Supports DI, DO, AI (HART Enabled) and AO (HART Enabled) on a single card
⦁ 1st PLC with ISA Level 2 Cyber Security Certification
⦁ Remote terminal blocks to drastically reduce installation time
⦁ Conversion tool for Allen Bradley PLC & SLC migrations

ControlEdge RTU 2020

The ControlEdge RTU2020 is perfect for remote locations with minimal power requirements such as offshore and onshore oil rigs. It boasts the following features:

⦁ Supports 28 mixed I/O on the base unit, and each expansion unit
⦁ Single or redundant processor models
⦁ Open Communication – Supports Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, DNP3, OPC & HART protocols
⦁ Best in class maximum operating temperature of 75oC
⦁ Best in class low power consumption at 1.6W minimum
⦁ Supports onboard AGA & API gas metering calculations
⦁ Supports wireless I/O devices



The ControlEdge HC900

The ControlEdge HC900 is a process and safety controller for applications where process operations must be quickly brought back to a safe state in the event of adverse operating conditions, such as boilers, furnaces, kilns and dryers. It has the following features:

⦁ SIL2 certification on the processor and I/O Cards.
⦁ Comes in single or redundant processor, power supply or communication models
⦁ Provides superior PID Loop control
⦁ Supported by the 900 Control Station HMI (Class 1 Div 2 rated)

The C300 Controller

The C300 Controller is Honeywell’s most advanced controller for large scale applications, offering best-in class process control. It has the following features:

⦁ Supports ISA S88.01 batch control standard
⦁ Supports advanced process control with Honeywell’s patented Profit® Loop algorithm as well as custom algorithm blocks, which let users create custom code
⦁ Supports many input/ output (I/O) families, including Series C I/O and Process Manager I/O, and other protocols such as FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, and HART.

Experion HS & LX

Experion HS & LX are HMIs based on the proven and award winning Experion PKS SCADA System. They provide monitoring capabilities for small and medium applications with a familiar interface for Experion Users. Use of the Honeywell range of controllers in tandem with the Experion LX and HS enable quick initial setup, and the ability to monitor controller status and perform diagnostics from the control room.

Experion Panel PC

The Experion Panel PC is a Windows 10 panel PC that allows users to install Experion HS on an HMI in the field. They will enjoy all the benefits of an Experion system including to a similar user interface (for Experion users), trending, alarm and event management, archiving, etc. The Panel PC can be installed in a Class 1 Div 2 Area. It is a Windows 10 based system; thus, other Windows applications can be installed on it for added functionality. This includes the PLC programming software, or PC remote access software.