Plant Solutions Limited Celebrates Our 18th Anniversary

This month we celebrate 18 years as a company built by pure local talent

Choosing The Right Valve Type For The Right Processes

Plant Solutions Limited have been supplying high quality valves for Industrial and Commercial applications for over 16 years. Our goal is to supply high quality Valves to fit our customer requirements at competitive price and just in time delivery: KNOWING THE RIGHT VALVE TYPES FOR THE RIGHT PROCESSES: GATE VALVE: This type is the most used […]

Building Management Solutions

Plant Solutions Limited offers Building Management Systems (BMS) which gives facility managers and users the access to technologies that surpass our competitors. The capabilities of the BMS allows integration of the following systems – HVAC, Lighting, Fire Alarm, AMS, CCTV etc. Listed below are some ways our Building Management Systems can help any business. BMS […]

Industrial Automation Solutions

Plant Solutions Limited provides clients with their full range of turnkey automation solutions, ranging from individual machine control and monitoring to large scale DCS and SCADA solutions with the Honeywell line of scalable control solutions. ControlEdge PLC The ControlEdge PLC, Honeywell’s flagship PLC is used for control throughout the oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing, utility […]